Apply for a Temporary Authority and Variation of Licence Conditions

A temporary authority allows the new company or natural person to trade using the current base licence for an off or on-licensed premise.

  • These are issued for three months; within this time a new licence must be applied for.
  • An application should be lodged 15 working days before take-over date.
  • A sale and purchase agreement, proof of tenure and/or SASOA Certificate of Compliance is required.
  • A Club cannot be issued a temporary authority.

Apply for a Temporary Authority

Variation of Conditions

The holder of a licence may at any time apply to the licensing committee to vary or cancel any condition of the licence (whether imposed by the licence authority or the committee).

The applicant must comply with the notification requirements in section 101 of the Act.

The Police, Medical Officer of Health and the Licensing Inspector will inquire into the application.