Apply for or renew an on-licence

If you want to sell or supply alcohol for consumption on your premises, you'll need an on-licence.

Examples of premises that need an on-licence to sell or supply alcohol include:

  • restaurant (including BYO)
  • bar, tavern or nightclub
  • theatre or cinema
  • hotel
  • function centre
  • winery cellar door
  • conveyance (i.e. bus, train, plane)

Alcohol must not be removed from the premise.

There must be a current certified Duty Manager on duty at the premise at all times the premise is open for trade.

Licensee responsibilities

On-licences can be issued for conveyances (buses, trains, planes and sea vessels).

An endorsed on-licence is required for a caterer supply or selling alcohol or a restaurant to be BYO only.

You’ll need to notify public of your application:

  • Within 10 days place a notice in an easily visible place on your premise.
  • Within 20 days place two public notices in the Kapi-Mana News

Renewals for on-licences: we advise that the applications are submitted more than the required 20 working days (as stated in the Act).

It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure that the application is submitted more than 20 working days and that the application is completed correctly, as this may cause delays in the process.