Bee Keeping

This page outlines the rules on the keeping of bees in Porirua City.

Beekeeping requirements

You can keep bees in Porirua City if you have a permit issued under the Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991 – Part 7.

The permit must be obtained before any hives are moved into the city district.

The hives must be located so as to avoid flight paths over neighbouring houses and/or businesses.

Bees can cause fouling and staining to paintwork, laundry on clothes lines, and motor vehicles with their waxy droppings as they fly to and from the hives.

Commercial hives must be registered with Apiculture New Zealand.

Beekeeper responsibilities

Beekeepers are responsible for:

  • Safely managing the risks involved in keeping their hives and bees.
  • Managing the bee population in each hive.
  • Keeping their hive structures in a state of good repair.
  • Maintaining hive hygiene standards to avoid pests or diseases.
  • Complying with any requests or instructions given by a Council officer.
  • Promptly remedying any nuisances caused by their bees in consultation with Council officers.
  • Notifying Council when hives are moved from the permitted site.

Permits and Fees

The written approval of neighbours is required.

To apply for a permit you must complete the following forms:

  • Application form for Permit to Keep Bees
  • Neighbours Approval Form

We will carry out an inspection of the proposed hive site to ensure it is safe and suitable for that purpose.

A permit application may be refused and an existing permit may be withdrawn and cancelled where it is considered the keeping of the bees:

  • Is causing or is likely to become a nuisance or injurious to the health of any person.
  • The site is unsuitable for the keeping of bees i.e., the close proximity of neighbouring houses or land topography.

No fee is payable.

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