Building Consent Applications

This page provides information about applications for building consents and restricted building work under the Building Act 2004.

Building Consent Applications

If you are applying to Porirua City Council for your building consent, you can lodge your application:

  • with the Customer Services Centre
  • by mail

An application must be complete and contain all necessary information, otherwise it may be declined and returned to the applicant. Note: A checksheet must accompany the application.

Restricted Building Work

When you apply for a building consent you must make sure that the practitioners you use are correctly licensed to carry out the work. Licensed Building Practitioners include:

  • Designers,
  • Carpenters,
  • Roofers,
  • External Plasterers,
  • Brick and Block layers and
  • Foundations specialists.

Professional Engineers, Architects, Plumbers and Gasfitters are treated as Licensed Building Practitioners and can carry out some Restricted Building Work.

Not all work that requires a Building Consent is Restricted Building Work. Check for further information on about Restricted Building Work.

Your application must be on the correct application form. You may also request a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) at the same time.

You may print off and use the Application for Building Consent and Building Consent Application Check Sheet from the Building Consent Forms link listed at the bottom of this page.

Applications must be submitted in duplicate with originals of all drawings, specifications and supporting documents supplied.

Your application must clearly show what you are proposing to build and how you intend doing it.

There are specific application requirements for building relocation, solid fuel heaters and fireplaces.

Building Consent Applications Requirements

As from 1 February 2016, Porirua City Council is changing its requirements for Building Consent Application files.

Paper size maximum A3

We will accept documents in a maximum A3 size only.  Any documents larger than this, eg A2, A1 or A0 size, will need to be scanned electronically, or we will have them externally scanned.  The applicant will be charged for this service.

Estimated charge per scanned page:

Size of
scanned page

Cost per page

Cost per page
Black and White










Plans must be of suitable quality

Documents will need to be a suitable quality that they can be easily viewed and processed on screen, and subsequent stamping as consented plans.

File types

Documents should be in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • TIFF (Group 4 compression)
  • JPEG - black and white: at least 200 ppi with not more than 30% compression or 70% quality.
  • JPEG - colour/greyscale: at least 300 ppi with not more than 30% compression or 70% quality.

If you have any queries, please contact  the Team Leader Records and Information on (04) 237 5089.

Building Consent application costs and delays

A deposit is payable when the application is lodged. This will be set against the final cost for processing the application (refer to the Building Consents Fees link at the bottom of this page).

Minimum inspection costs are included in your building consent fee. However, in the event that additional inspections are required, extra charges to cover those inspections may be applied before your Code Compliance Certificate can be issued.

You can assist in keeping delays and costs to a minimum by:

  • Checking building, planning, water and drainage requirements with Council early in your project planning process.
  • Ensuring your application has all the information and supporting certificates and/or other documentation required.
  • Lodging all Building and Resource Consent applications for the same project together.
  • Responding promptly to Council requests for further information.

Building Consent Processing

The Council has 20 working days from the date the application is formally received for processing, to decide whether to issue, or refuse to issue, the building consent. (Note: when "formally received", the processing clock starts).

If any questions or concerns arise throughout the checking process you will be requested by letter (post, Email or Fax), to provide the requested information. If this occurs, the 20-day clock will be suspended until the information or clarification is provided.

Your application will be checked by a number of different departments within the Council, depending on the nature of the work. Council officers will review your application and assess it for compliance. The various items that will be checked include:

  • Building
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Hazardous materials
  • Engineering

In some cases building consent applications may need to be checked by external specialists who will assess the follow items:

  • Geotechnical
  • Fire
  • Acoustic
  • Mechanical services
  • Engineering

Where it is necessary to consult with external specialists, this will result in additional cost for your application.

Working day definition under Building Act 2004

Working day means any day except—

(a) Saturday, Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, the Sovereign's Birthday, Labour Day, and Waitangi Day; and (b) the day observed in the appropriate area as the anniversary of the province of which the area forms a part; and (c) a day in the period beginning on 20 December in any year and ending with the close of 10 January in the following year.

Issuing Building Consents

Once all persons involved in the application process have completed their action your application will be subject to a final check to confirm all work has been assessed correctly and will be Building Code compliant. If so the Building Consent will be approved (granted).

When all outstanding fees and charges are paid you will be issued with:

  • Your Building Consent.
  • An addendum to the Building Consent listing any special conditions relating to the approval.
  • Stamped approved copies of the plans and specifications with any amendments marked in red.
  • The inspection schedule.

Your Building Consent will include a list of inspections that must be completed for your building work to be signed off for a Code Compliance Certificate. Failure to get all inspections may lead to refusal to issue a Code Compliance Certificate.

You may start work when you receive your Building Consent as long as any necessary Resource Consents have also been granted.

Building work authorised by building consents must be commenced within twelve months of the consent issue date, otherwise the consent will lapse, unless Council has approved a time extension.

If at any stage work is to be changed or varied from that approved by the building consent, an Application for an Amendment to a Building Consent must be made using the form available from our Building Consent Forms page, using the link provided below.

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