Building Relocations & Demolitions - Building Consent

This page provides information on the Building Consent requirements under the Building Act 2004 for moving and relocating buildings or building demolitions. The relocation of existing buildings is an acceptable alternative to constructing a new building provided it complies with the Building Act 2004.  This will require a Building Consent.

Demolition of a building

If the building is detached and is less than three stories high you will not need consent as this is exempt building works.

You will need to:

  • Terminate all services such as water, sewer and stormwater.
  • Advise service authorities and advise them of the extent of your works, this could include electricity, gas, water telecommunications
  • Handle and dispose of hazardous materials correctly, including Asbestos
  • Control silt or runoff, excess noise and dust
  • Secure the site with barriers to restrict public access and avoid injury to the public

Any applications for building demolitions or relocation consents are dealt with in the same manner as any building consent application.  The statutory timeframe to process an application is 20 working days from the date the application is accepted for processing/assessing.

If you are moving a building into or out of Porirua City, you must obtain the Building Consent required from both the Porirua City Council and the other Council concerned.

For exempt building work read Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 (Refer to the link below).

Applying for a Building Consent

To apply for a Building Consent, use the Application for Building Consent form and demolition check sheet (for demolition only).

The application must be complete and contain all necessary information otherwise it may be declined and returned to the applicant.

Building Consent requirements

Before starting work you must have a Building Consent granted/issued. 

Your relocation application must include the following:

  • A site plan showing building footprint with dimensions, distances to boundaries and north orientation.
  • Building plans and specifications.
  • New foundation drawings, specifications and calculations.
  • Drainage plan showing proposed inspection and invert levels.
  • Code Compliance Certificate for buildings built since 1 July 1992.
  • Drawings and specifications for any new work e.g., walls, decks, bracing, cutting building into sections and the reconnection of the building.
  • An engineer's report and bracing plan where the building is being relocated from a low to a higher rated wind zone area or wind speed code.
  • Destination site vehicle access and parking plans.
  • All details as per check sheet.

For demolition application requirements please refer to the "Building Consent Application Checksheet - Demolition/Removal only" form by using the Building Consent Form and Check Sheets link below.

Please refer to the Resource Management Act 1991 for any resource consent requirements.

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