Cable Cars

This page provides information about the compliance requirements for cable cars.

Under the Building Act 2004 Council is responsible for the oversight of cable cars in Porirua City.

The owner of land on which a cable car is installed is responsible for ensuring their equipment and cable car operation complies with the legislation.

Definition of Cable Car

A cable car is a vehicle that:

  • Carries people or goods on or along an inclined plane or suspended cable; and
  • That operates wholly or partly outside of a building; and
  • Has its traction supplied by cable or by any other means.

It does not include a lift that carries people or goods between the floors of a building.

You must obtain a Building Consent before you construct any new cable car or structurally alter an existing one.

Compliance Schedules

A Compliance Schedule is required for cable cars and their operating system.

Once the Compliance Schedule is issued, the owner must submit a Building Warrant of Fitness to Council's Building Compliance Centre by the anniversary date of the Compliance Schedule in each year.

The Compliance Schedule must include details of:

  • The specified systems covered by the document.
  • Their performance standards.
  • The inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures used to ensure they are performing to the performance standards.
  • Fire fighting systems, fire escape and safety barriers.
  • Signage required by the Building Code or Building Act 2004.

In cases where a non-Council Building Consent Authority issues a Compliance Schedule, that Authority must within 5 working days after issue, supply a copy of it to Council's Building Compliance Centre.

Landowner Responsibilities

The landowner is responsible for:

  • Obtaining a building consent, and if applicable, a Resource Consent
  • Obtaining the Compliance Schedule from Council
  • Ensuring the cable car system is performing and will continue to perform, to the performance standards for that system.
  • The Compliance Schedule is kept in the building or on some other place agreed on by the owner and Council's Building Compliance Centre.
  • Providing Council's Building Compliance Centre with an annual Warrant of Fitness on each anniversary of the Compliance Schedule.

The Compliance Schedule is to be available for inspection by any person or organisation that may inspect the building under any legislation.

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