Certificate of Acceptance

This page explains how and when a Certificate of Acceptance may be obtained in lieu of a Code Compliance Certificate.

A certificate of acceptance may be used in situations where work has been done without a building consent, or when a code compliance certificate cannot be issued.

A Certificate of Acceptance provides limited assurance in certain situations that the Council has reviewed unconsented building work, and is satisfied that the work complies with the Building Act 2004.

Limitations of Certificate of Acceptance

You can apply for a certificate of acceptance for all or part of a building.  You need to provide evidence (usually from a professional) to help us assess how the work complies with the Building Act 2004, particularly for building work the council cannot inspect, such as foundations.

In some cases the Council may issue a certificate acceptance for part of the building works, this will depend on the Building Compliance officers being able to access and inspect all work completed.

A certificate of acceptance will list the building work that the Council has inspected and not inspected. 

Any building works that cannot be verified as complying with the Building Code will be listed on the certificate of acceptance as exclusions. 

Applications for a Certificate of Acceptance

To apply for a Certificate of Acceptance, print off and use the Application for Certificate of Acceptance form and accompanying Certificate of Acceptance Check sheet.


When applying for a certificate of acceptance you will be required to pay a minimum non-refundable deposit which will cover the initial administrative costs and initial assessment by building compliance officers. 

In addition to the initial deposit you may be required to pay other applicable fees and charges such as:

  • additional processing fees
  • inspection fees
  • amending compliance schedule fee.
  • Notice to Fix fee

The Council may also refuse to issue a certificate of acceptance if compliance cannot be demonstrated; or you may also be required to remove the building work. 

Unauthorised building work

It is an offence to carry out building work for which a building consent is required. Issuing a certificate of acceptance for unauthorised building works does not limit Council from taking further enforcement action.

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