Code Compliance Certificate

This page provides information on the final inspection and Code Compliance Certificate requirements for Building Consents.

Obtaining your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is the last step in your building project. This is an important document in that it:

  • Confirms the consented building work complies with the Building Code and consented drawings and specifications.
  • Enables the value of the building work to be reflected in the property valuation.

A Building Compliance Authority must decide whether to issue a Code Compliance Certificate to which a Building Consent relates within two years of granting a building consent.  If an applicant is unable to complete building work within this timeframe then they may ask for an extension of this time.

Having building work for which a Code Compliance Certificate has not or cannot be issued may adversely affect insurance cover and/or property sale prospects.

Applying for a Code Compliance Certificate

In a lot of cases, applicants are unaware that they need to apply to the Building Consent Authority that issued their Building Consent for a Code Compliance Certificate once their building work is completed.

A Code Compliance Certificate Application form is included with the building consent documentation when a Building Consent has been granted.  A CCC application form can also be obtained by printing off the form from the Building Forms link below.  When applying for a Code Compliance Certificate, complete the application form and submit it to Council’s Customer Services Centre.

At the same time book an appointment for the final site inspection.  Ensure you book a final inspection as they require more time than a standard inspection by phoning Council's Inspection Booking Hotline on (04) 237 3844.

Prior to booking this Final Inspection, you must ensure that:

  • All stamped and consented documents including any amendments are on site for the Final Inspection.
  • All previous Building and Plumbing Inspections have been completed and passed.
  • All  of the required documentation identified in the Building Consent, i.e. warrantees, certificates, engineers PS4’s, and the completed application for a Code of Compliance Certificate  have been supplied to the Council prior to the Final inspection.

Failure to meet the above requirements may result in a failed Final Inspection and will incur additional cost.

Final inspections

If as a result of the final inspection, serious non-compliance is identified, then you may be issued with a Notice to Fix. 

This will identify the non-complying work that needs remedying before a Code Compliance Certificate can be issued. When the work is done you may request another final inspection.

If the remedial work is compliant the Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.

A Building Consent Authority must determine whether or not to issue a Code Compliance Certificate within 20 working days from the date on which your CCC application was made unless it is suspended for further information.

Issuing a Code Compliance Certificate

Only the Building Consent Authority that granted the Building Consent for the work may issue the Code Compliance Certificate.

The certificate will be issued when the authority is satisfied on reasonable grounds that:

  • The building work is completed in accordance with the consented drawings and specifications; and
  • All Building Consent inspections detailed in the Building Consent have been completed; and
  • All work complies with the New Zealand Building Code.
  • All relevant energy work certificates i.e., electrical, gas etc have been supplied.
  • All fees and development contributions have been paid.
  • All other certificates and warrantees have been obtained e.g. Tuss, PS3, etc.
  • Any other documentation requested in either the building consent or site inspection notices has been provided.

A Code Compliance Certificate cannot be issued for:

  • Non-consented building work.
  • Consented building work which has not been inspected.
  • Work for which a Certificate of Acceptance is issued.

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