Solid Fuel Heaters and Fires

This page provides information on building consent applications for solid fuel heaters.

The Building Consent application process for solid fuel heaters and fires is the same as for other building work with some additional information requirements.

To apply for your consent use the Application for Building Consent form  and the Solid Fuel Appliances Information Sheet.

In addition to the Building Consent Application you must include:

  • The heater or fire manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions.
  • A floor plan/s of your dwelling or building showing where the heater will be installed, the position of all windows and doors and identification of the rooms adjacent to the one in which the heater is being installed.
  • Building plans, details and specifications.
  • Connection details for a wet back heater linked to a hot water cylinder if applicable.

Note:  If the appliance is to be used as a wetback or if additional building or plumbing work is required then the set charge for a solid fuel heater does not apply.

Compliance with national environmental standards

All new wood burners must comply with the National Environmental Standards. A list of burners meeting the standard is available from the Ministry for the Environment.

For more information print the Solid Fuel Appliances Information Sheet or visit the Council’s Customer Services Centre.

Application processing time

Building Consent applications for solid fuel heater or fireplace installations are generally processed within 3 days provided all documentation is provided.

Building compliance inspections

Your Building Consent will list the compliance inspections required to be carried out.

A Building Compliance Officer must inspect an existing chimney prior to flue installation where a heater is being installed in an existing fireplace.

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