Busking and Street Entertainment

This page provides information on busking or providing street entertainment in Porirua City.

What is busking?

The term "busking" is commonly used to describe street entertainment provided by individuals or groups for cash or donations from passers by and includes:

  • Singing - whether solo, duet, group or choir with or without musical accompaniment.
  • Musical performances - whether solo or with a group, band or orchestra.
  • Street concerts, talent quests or Karaoke competitions.
  • Artistic, theatrical, cultural or other forms of public entertainment.
  • Gymnastic and other athletic or sports displays. 

Conditions for busking

You must have a reasonable standard of talent, proficiency and presentation.

Busking times and locations are restricted to a maximum period of two hours in any one location on any one day unless otherwise specified in the permit.

The use of amplification and/or loud speakers requires special approval in each case. Portable stages, stands, props, furniture, lighting or other equipment may be used provided they are:

  • Of a professional design, construction and appearance; and
  • Are safe for their intended use; and
  • Do not present a danger to the public or passers-by.
  • Removed from the site on completion of the busking performance.

All reasonable precautions must be taken to protect public and performer safety.

Your busking or performance cannot include:

  • Any obscene, indecent, offensive, defamatory words, language, behaviour, activity, display or dress likely to cause offence to any person, culture or religion.
  • Any activity that could create a hazard to or endanger any person.

The entertainment cannot:

  • Reduce the useable pedestrian thoroughfare to less than 75% of its total width.
  • Obstruct or impede access to nearby shops, businesses or premises.
  • Create excessive noise whereby it becomes intrusive to others.

You must leave your approved site in a clean tidy condition with all rubbish removed.

Advertising signs, posters and placards are restricted to the immediate busking site provided they comply with our advertising sign requirements and are removed on completion of your performance. 

Performances must be provided free for unrestricted public viewing. Donations may be received from the public provided they are spontaneously and freely given. Canvassing for donations or payment is prohibited. 

You must have your permit available for inspection by a Police or authorised Council Officer when required and all directions given by such officers must be immediately complied with.

Council may revoke your permit at any time.

Permits and fees

Complete the Application Form for Street Entertainment Permit and submit to our Customer Service Centre at 16 Cobham Court for approval.

Proof of identity and/or address and an audition may be required as part of the application process.

Council’s public place events calendar will be checked upon receipt of your application to confirm the proposed performance date, time and place are available.  If there are prior bookings, alternatives will be discussed with you.

There is no permit fee.

Electricity connections

There is NO power connection available in the central business district around Cobham Court.  You need to make your own arrangements.

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