Transferring dogs into or out of Porirua City

This page sets out what you must do transferring a registered dog either into or out of Porirua City, or transferring an unregistered dog.

Transferring a dog into Porirua City

If your dog registered with any other council is transferred into Porirua City, you must notify us of this by calling personally at Council’s Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, and completing a dog registration application. 

Bring the current registration tag issued to your dog by the Council from whose district it was transferred.

A replacement Porirua City tag will then be issued for the remainder of the current dog registration year at no cost.

This is subject to the following conditions:

  • The dog is currently registered with the Council in whose district the dog previously resided.
  • There is no change in dog ownership, custody or control.

If neither condition can be complied with you will then need to apply to us for new registration.  In this case, registration fees will apply.

Transferring registration of dog out of Porirua City

If you are transferring a dog registered with Porirua City Council into another council’s district, you must notify the new council of the change.

Transfer of unregistered dogs

If you are transferring an unregistered dog of or over the age of 3 months into Porirua City, you must apply to us for registration of that dog. If you are transferring such a dog out of Porirua City, then you must apply for registration with the council in whose district the dog has been moved.


If you need to pay registration fees, they will be pro-rated to the relevant month.  You may also apply for a Responsible Owner status which applies from the next registration year.  If you own more than 2 dogs, you can also apply for a Dispensation Licence.

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