Electioneering Signs

This page explains the requirements for displaying electioneering signs in Porirua City.

What are electioneering signs?

Electioneering signs include fixed or portable billboards, flags, banners, frames, posters, placards, structures or other devices used to publicly promote candidates standing at elections for:

  • Parliamentary general or by-election
  • Porirua City Council
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • District Health Board
  • Porirua Community Trust

Conditions for Electioneering Signs

A permit is required before any electioneering sign is placed or displayed on any approved site within the Porirua City District.

Billboards and other signs that exceed the allowable sign size also need Building Consents.

Council has approved specific sign display sites throughout the city on the basis they will:

  • Assist candidates to achieve a high level of exposure.
  • Not cause damage to underground utility services i.e., electrical and telephone wires and gas, water, storm water and sewerage pipelines.
  • Minimise damage to grass and road reserve areas.
  • Prevent hazards for road and pedestrian traffic.
  • Not adversely affect the good appearance of the city.

Parliamentary election candidate signs may be displayed only in the city within their electorate boundaries.

Porirua City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council, District Health Board and Porirua Community Trust candidate signs may be displayed only in the ward in which the candidate is standing.

Mayoral candidate and party signs may be displayed citywide.

Minimum Standards

An electioneering sign must:

  • Be of a safe, robust and wind resistant design.
  • Be of a professional standard in appearance and construction.
  • Not exceed 1.8 metres in height above ground level (a building consent may be required if greater than 1.8 metres)
  • Not exceed 3 square metres in total face surface area (approximately 1700 mm x 1700 mm).

The signs cannot:

  • Be constructed of or contain any reflective material.
  • Have either internal or external illumination.
  • Be similar to traffic signs in appearance, shape or colour.
  • Have any moving parts.
  • Contain any obscene, indecent or offensive words or content.

Conditions for Display of Signs

Signs may only be displayed on an approved site with only one candidate and/or party sign displayed at each site.

Electioneering signs must include the name and residential address of the candidate or political party person who authorised the sign.

You cannot place or display your electioneering signs:

  • Within 50 metres of any road or street intersection.
  • On or facing onto any State Highway (unless NZ Transport Agency and Porirua City Council permission is given)
  • In such a manner that they create a hazard for road or pedestrian traffic.
  • In static positions on any vehicle, trailer or stand on any road, roadside or other public place.
  • On any city park or reserve without permission of an authorised officer of Council.

The signs cannot contain any indecent or offensive language, pictures or other matter.

Council officers will remove and impound non-complying signs.

All electioneering signs must be removed.  The maximum period of time during which a sign, poster or placard may be displayed is two calendar months leading up to the date of the election.  If candidates wish to display signs for more than two months prior to elections you will need to comply in full with the PCC signs bylaw (see link below).

All electioneering signs must be removed from public display prior to 12:00 midnight on the day immediately preceeding Election Day.


You can apply for a permit in writing, by email via enquiries@pcc.govt.nz or in person at our Customer Service Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, including the following information as applicable in each case:

Candidate and party details:

  • The candidate's name, address and contact number.
  • The contact person's name, address and contact number if different from the candidate.
  • The name of the ward or electorate in which the candidate is standing for election.
  • The authorising electorate officer or candidate (as applicable in each case) name and residential address.
  • The registered party name and name and residential address of the authorising party officer.

Sign details:

  • Full design, size, material and construction specifications.
  • A photograph or sketch depicting the sign message and content.
  • How you intend to display the sign i.e. free standing, banner etc.
  • Proposed display location.

NOTE:  The permit will provide the approved site list.


No permit fee is payable provided your sign or signs comply with the design, height and face size specifications.

You may be required to pay a fee if a Building Consent is required.

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