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"Sometimes it does us a power of good to remind ourselves that we live on two volcanic rocks where two tectonic plates meet, in a somewhat lonely stretch of windswept ocean just above the Roaring Forties. If you want drama – you’ve come to the right place.”

- Sir Geoffrey Palmer, former NZ Prime Minister


Living with risks is a natural part of everyday life.

We can’t prevent disasters, but we can reduce their impact and prepare ourselves to recover more quickly.

Due to our location, the Wellington region is particularly susceptible to natural hazards. Your home might be located near a fault line, be located within a tsunami zone or be vulnerable to fire.

Cover - It's Easy booklet. Contrary to what many people believe, there is not a Civil Defence Army that will come to your aid. Emergency services will be heavily strained and won’t be able to respond to everyone. 

You could be on your own for at least three days, possibly more. The most immediate source of aid will be your community and the preparedness actions you took before an event.

Our It’s Easy booklet will help you understand some of these risks, and guide you through some easy steps to better prepare yourself for an emergency. 

The better prepared you are, the safer and more comfortable you, your family and your friends will be after a major event.


Links to more emergency information

Porirua’s current emergency status - What's happening now? - The WREMO website for emergency updates and preparedness information

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office Facebook page – Learn how you and your family can get ready and get through – Get the latest information on civil defence emergencies in New Zealand – Find out about recent earthquakes in NZ – The latest on New Zealand weather

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