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This page outlines what the tsunami warning signs are.

What is the warning signal?

We receive tsunami warnings through the National Warning System, which is the official warning system for New Zealand. It uses information from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. Once received, these warnings are broadcast on public radio, and usually on television.

Will there be a tsunami siren?

Porirua does not have tsunami siren. The Titahi Bay and Plimmerton fire sirens are not used for a civil defence emergency. Some Council vehicles have mounted PA systems playing the "Sting" siren, followed by a warning message. These vehicles may circulate some key areas of the city as necessary.

There are no tsunami blue lines in Porirua.

A tsunami generated in conjunction with a nearby large earthquake or undersea landslide may not provide sufficient time to implement official warning procedures.

If you are in a coastal area and experience a long and strong earthquake, it's hard to stand up, or observe strange sea behaviour such as the sea level suddenly rising and falling, or hear the sea making loud and unusual noises or roaring like a jet engine, you should not wait for an official warning.  Take immediate action when the shaking stops and self-evacuate to the nearest high ground.  Listen to your local radio station for more information.

What are the local radio station frequencies?

The radio station frequencies for Wellington/Hutt Valley, Porirua are:

  • National Radio (Radio NZ) 567 AM, 101.3 FM, 101.7FM, 104.5 FM
  • Newstalk ZB 1035 AM
  • Classic Hits 90 FM
  • More FM 94.7 FM, 100 FM
  • The Breeze 94 FM, 98 FM
  • Radio Live 98.7 FM, 1233 AM

You can also sign up to receive emergency alerts to your iOS and Android devices through the Red Cross Hazards App.

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