LGOIMA Requests for Information

This page lists the fees chargeable for LGOIMA Requests for Information under Section 13 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

The fees were set by resolution of Council at its Te Komiti meeting held on 19 May 2016 (item #440/16) and adopted by Council at its meeting held on 25 May 2016 (item #356/16).

Fees applicable from 1 July 2016 and include GST.


Type of Charge


Time spent compiling information.

First hour is free, then charged per half hour or part thereof.


Photocopying A4 - charged per page in excess of the first 20 that are free.


Photocopying A3 - charged per page in excess of the first 4 that are free.



Please see our Official Information Request page for information on how to lodge your request.