Roading Fees

The fees listed below are for the undertaking of any work within the road corridor in the form of a Corridor Access Request application or an event requiring a Temporary Traffic Management plan application or a Temporary Road Closure application. The fee is for the processing and administration of Corridor Access Requests, Temporary Traffic Management plan or Temporary Road Closure applications for activities carried out on the public roads administered by the Porirua City Council  and do not include the preparation and submission of Corridor Access Requests and/or Traffic Management Plans by external sources.

The fees were set by resolution of Council at its City Direction meeting held on 28 February 2017 and adopted by Council at its meeting held on 15 March 2017.

Fees applicable from 1 July 2017 and include GST.

Determining the cost of your Corridor Access Request (CAR):

The Council will confirm if a major or minor “CAR” is required for the proposed works within the road corridor. Please note that all fees are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. The number of site inspections as part of “CAR” compliance will be determined on the complexity of the works.

Corridor Access Requests

Corridor Access Requests (C.A.R.)


Minor Works


Major Works


Project Works

$579.00 or 80% of assessed work time based on $120/hour

Emergency works

As per Minor or Major works

Construction of Vehicle Crossing

Construction of Vehicle Crossing


Total cost, inclusive of traffic management plan and pre-pour inspection


Industrial/Commercial Vehicle crossing fees are determined by size and complexity  e.g. Major works, TMP and number of inspections required.