Example of Operation Mobility Parking Permit. Operation Mobility Parking for the Disabled

This page explains the use of the "Operation Mobility" parking for disabled scheme in Porirua City and its enforcement.

Porirua City Council supports the Operation Mobility parking scheme

The organization CCS Disability Action operates the "Operation Mobility" parking scheme throughout New Zealand.  (See image of example of Mobility Parking Permit).

Porirua City Council supports the scheme and provides specially marked parking spaces in public parking areas for CCS Disability Action member use.

The North City Shopping Centre, Mega Centre and New World, Countdown and Pak 'N' Save supermarkets also provide similar parking spaces in their customer parking areas.

Operation Mobility provides parking time concessions

"Operation Mobility" membership does not provide exemption from parking restriction compliance. It does allow persons holding a current "Mobility Parking Permit" (see example) to:

  • Park in the specially designated and marked public "Operation Mobility" parking spaces throughout the city; and
  • Park twice as long as the sign posted time restriction in the council controlled public parking areas.

Check your "Operation Mobility" membership conditions for the authorised time extensions as they may vary from Council to Council. The Operation Mobility scheme is provided for individuals with disabilities who have met the scheme membership criteria including medical certification to be able to park close to normal shopping facilities.

You must be an Operation Mobility member to use the concessions

You may use the Operation Mobility concessions only if:

  • You are a current registered "Operation Mobility" member; and
  • You prominently display your current "Mobility Parking Permit" on your vehicle’s dashboard or front windscreen so that it is clearly visible from outside the vehicle whenever you park your vehicle.
  • You correctly park your vehicle in either a designated "Operation Mobility" parking space or in any other parking where you will be parked in excess of the sign posted time restriction.

Enforcement of Operation Mobility Parking

Porirua City Council has zero tolerance towards abuse of the Operation Mobility parking scheme.

A Council Parking or Police Officer may issue you with an infringement notice where:

  • You do not have a Mobility Parking Permit displayed in your vehicle parked in a designated and marked Operation Mobility parking space.
  • You have parked your vehicle in any other parking space over the signpost parking time limit without a Mobility Parking Permit displayed.
  • The officers cannot clearly read the expiration month and year on the Mobility Parking Permit displayed in your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is occupied and parked in a designated and marked Operation Mobility parking space or in any other car park over the sign posted time limit where the occupant cannot produce a valid Mobility Parking Permit for inspection by the officer.
  • There is an unauthorised use of a Mobility Parking Permit.

Land, mall and store owners enforce their parking restrictions including the Operation Mobility Parking spaces provided in their car parking areas. This may involve vehicle clamping or towing.

The infringement fee is prescribed by government regulation

The Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Amendment Regulations 2008 prescribe the infringement fee for the above parking offences as $150.00.

You may report illegally parked vehicles

Porirua City Council has parking jurisdiction only in the public parking areas under its control.

You may report vehicles illegally parked in council controlled car parks to Council's Customer Service Centre.

All calls will be responded to, as Parking Officers are available.

In the case of the privately owned car parks, you need to contact the property manager responsible for the car park concerned.

Vehicle owners are responsible for parking breaches

Vehicle owners are liable for all parking infringement fees incurred where their vehicle is parked in breach of the parking regulations and Porirua City Council Bylaw 1991.

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