Parking Enforcement in Porirua City

This page explains how parking laws are enforced in Porirua City.

Councils enforce parking offences only

Councils do not enforce moving traffic violations. The Police do this.

Councils enforce parking offences only on Council controlled roads and car parks on a 24 hours 7 days per week basis.

You may report moving traffic violations to the Police using:

  • The 111 emergency telephone service for serious or urgent cases; or
  • Their webpage online reporting service.

Council has no jurisdiction on private land

Council has no parking enforcement jurisdiction on private land or in shopping mall car parks.

Parking enforcement is carried out under regulations and bylaws

Parking infringement offences enforced by Council are contained in:

  • The Land Transport Act 1998, Section 139
  • Part 16 of the Porirua City Council General Bylaws 1991, and in particular the following schedules to the bylaw:
    • Traffic Schedule E (no stopping at all times)
    • Traffic Schedule F (restricted parking areas)
    • Traffic Schedule I (Operation Mobility)

Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence notices are issued for offences

Parking officers issue Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence Notices (SVIONs) where vehicles are found parked in breach of the parking laws.

SVIONs may be served by:

  • Handing them personally to the driver.
  • Attaching them to the vehicle i.e., placing it under the windscreen wiper.
  • Mailing them to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Parking infringement enforcement action can be taken against:

  • The person whom Council believes on reasonable grounds committed the offence.
  • The person who was registered as the vehicle's owner under the Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986.
  • The person who was in lawful possession of the vehicle when the infringement notice was issued.

Infringement fees are set by government regulation

Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence Notice fees are set by government regulation.

The infringement fees payable for breach of time restriction offences are based on the period of time your vehicle is parked in excess of the parking area's signposted maximum parking time.

Towing fees are added to and are payable with the infringement fee where your vehicle has been towed or removed.

You have options when you receive an infringement notice

When you receive a Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence Notice you may:

  • Pay the infringement fee to Council’s Customer Services Centre in the Administration Building, Cobham Court.
  • We currently do not accept online payments.
  • Make a written explanation to Council using the Parking Infringement Explanation Form (refer to the link below); or
  • Request a District Court hearing by written application to Council’s Customer Services Centre.

Paying your Stationary Vehicle infringement Offence notice fee

You are required to pay your infringement fee within 28 days of the date on which the infringement notice was issued.

You may pay by cash, cheque or Eftpos in person or post your payment to Council’s Customer Services Centre.  Cheques are to be made out to Porirua City Council.  Include the infringement notice number and vehicle registration number with your payment.

Please note: Part payments are not accepted. We do not accept online payments at the present time.

Unpaid Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence notices that have been referred for Court enforcement must be paid to the District Court.

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