Parking Infringement Notice Enforcement

This page explains the legal processes when an unpaid parking infringement notice is referred to the District Court for enforcement action.

Unpaid infringement fees are referred to the Porirua District Court

Council issues reminder notices to vehicle owners for unpaid infringement fees not paid within 28 days of the Stationary Vehicle Infringement Notice (SVION) issue date.

SVION’s remaining unpaid after a further 28 days from the reminder notice issue date are filed with the Porirua District Court for enforcement action.

District Court initiates legal action to enforce the infringement fees

Unless a request for a hearing has been received the Porirua District Court will:

  • Confirm the infringement fee.
  • Impose court costs in addition to the infringement fee.
  • Commence legal fee and court cost recovery action.

All infringement notice inquiries are to be made directly to the Court.

Infringement fees and court costs are paid to the Porirua District Court

After a SVION has been filed with the District Court it becomes subject to the court legal processes and Council has no direct involvement in its enforcement.

You can pay your infringement notice fee plus court costs to the District Court:

  • Personally – have court remittance notice with you.
  • By mail – include your full name and court remittance notice.
  • Using the Ministry of Justice Fines online Internet service. (Credit card required)

If you do not have the court notice when making your payment by mail include your full name, residential street address, vehicle registration number, District Court CRN number (if known) and SVION number.

You may request a court hearing for an infringement notice offence

At any stage while Porirua City Council is processing your Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence Notice (SVION) you may apply to Council for a District Court hearing.

Council will transfer the matter to the Porirua District Court.

Where an unpaid SVION has been transferred to the Porirua District Court you may apply directly to the court for a hearing.

The District Court will arrange a hearing

Upon receipt of your application for a court hearing the Porirua District Court will arrange a hearing date and time and advise you of the details.

Parking offence hearings are conducted in the same manner as other court cases.

Both you and Council can produce evidence, call and cross-examine witnesses and make submissions to the court.

You may have legal representation if you wish.

The District Court may uphold the charge and impose a fine and court costs or discharge it without conviction or cost.

For further court process information contact the Porirua District Court.

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