Parking Infringement Notice Explanations

This page explains how you may make a written explanation to Council in response to a parking infringement notice received.

You may make an explanation to Council about a parking infringement

If you receive a Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence Notice (SVION) and believe you have good cause for it to be withdrawn you may make a written explanation to Council detailing your reasons for that action.

Your explanation should include sufficient detail to clearly identify both you and the SVION concerned. You should supply your full name, residential address, contact details, SVION number, vehicle make and registration number.

You may make your application by:

  • Letter addressed to Council’s Customer Services Centre.
  • Calling at the Customer Services Centre and completing a Parking Infringement Explanation Form.
  • Downloading and printing the Parking Infringement Explanation Form via the link below.  Complete the form and mail or deliver the form to Council's Customer Services Centre.
  • You may also email a scanned completed form to

Your explanation will be acknowledged in writing.

Explanations are individually reviewed

Council has established a Parking Explanation Review Committee responsible for independently reviewing the issue of each SVION in respect of which an explanation has been received.

The Committee may accept or decline explanations.

Notification of Parking Explanation Review Committee decisions

The Parking Explanation Review Committee’s decision will be notified to you in writing.

If your explanation is accepted the relevant SVION will be withdrawn.

Options when an explanation is declined

If your explanation is declined you will then have two options open to you:

  • Pay the infringement fee by the due date; or
  • Request a District Court hearing.

To request a District Court hearing you need to apply in writing to Council’s Customer Services Centre before the infringement fee due date.

Failure to either pay the infringement fee to Council or apply for a District Court hearing before the infringement due date will result in the infringement notice being referred to the Porirua District Court for enforcement action. 

Any unpaid infringement fees that have been referred for Court enforcement must be paid to the District Court.

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