Use of Radio Controlled Flying Machines in Council Land

In compliance with the CAA Regulations, operators of radio controlled flying machines must have the approval of the land owner whose land they are flying over. This applies for all publically owned land as well as privately owned land. 

If you want to operate within Council land, you must apply to us specifying the area you wish to operate within.

We will consider applications on a case by case basis.

Example of a radio controlled flying machine.
Example of a radio controlled flying machine.

To apply, please complete the online or hard copy form below stating your preferred location to fly.

The most important conditions are as follows.  See the form for the full list:

  • Keep away from flying overhead large crowds.
  • Do not cause a nuisance to other park and reserve users.
  • No photographing children in children’s playgrounds or playing sport.
  • Must comply with CAA rules, PCC bylaws and PCC Reserve Management Plan rules.
  • Report any damage you cause to us on phone (04) 237 5089.

When approved and authorised, a copy of your application form will be returned to you and must be available for inspection when requested by a Council Officer or member of public.

We are currently issuing permits until October 2018. 

If you have any comments regarding the use of Drones/Radio Controlled Flying Machines we would appreciate your feedback. Contact:

Links to more information

External website:

  • Airshare - for information about radio controlled aircraft permissions for all UAV and drone operators

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