Building Relocations - Resource consent

This page provides information on the Resource Consent requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991 for moving or relocating a building.

The relocation of existing buildings is an acceptable alternative to constructing new buildings provided it complies with both the Resource Management Act 1991 and Building Act 2004.

If you are intending to relocate a building, it is recommended you call or visit Council’s Customer Services Centre (Ph: 04 237 5089) for advice before commencing site work.

If you are moving a building into or out of Porirua City you may require both Resource and Building Consents.  If one or both are required, these must be obtained from both the Porirua City Council and the other Council concerned.

Resource Consent requirements

Whether you require a Resource Consent for your project will depend on any site earthworks required and the type and structure of the building to be moved.

In addition to the normal Resource Consent application requirements, relocation applications must also include the following:

  • Photographs of the building being relocated.
  • Details of trees or any other buildings that you propose to remove to enable the building to be relocated.
  • Details of proposed building structural alterations.
  • How you will comply with the Porirua City District Plan specifications for distance from boundaries, height etc.

Before starting building or site work you must apply for a Building Consent and/or a Project Information Memorandum (PIM).

For more Building Consent information, click on the Building Consent links below.

To apply for a Resource Consent, use Application for Resource Consent – Form 9 and submit it to Council’s Customer Services Centre with the relevant documentation and fee.

Where practical lodge both your Resource and Building consent applications together to avoid processing delays.

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