Small Building Sites Minimum Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements

This page sets out the minimum requirements for erosion and sediment control measures for small building sites, and explains why erosion and sediment control measures are required.

Minimum Requirements for Sediment Control on Small Building Sites

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Photo showing example of typical kerb stormwater grate.Why Erosion and Sediment Control Measures are required on small building sites

Porirua is generally not a flat City. Most building sites will require some scale of earthmoving and site clearance before building work can commence on the site.

When sites are cleared and/or earthmoving occurs, there is high risk that some sediment will come off the site and get into the harbour (via stormwater drains like the one pictured on the right, or streams) unless some erosion and sediment control measures are used.

Measures can include: forward thinking about the order in which operations are going to be undertaken on the site, methodology in terms of the best way to undertake operations on the site so as to reduce sediment leaving the site, physical means such as that outlined below, as well as commonsense and monitoring of operations.

Phone Council for Advice

Sediment control is mostly about commonsense. If your site has sediment, mud and/or brown-coloured stormwater running off it, there are muddy vehicle tracks leaving your site, or the stormwater drain next to your site is getting filled up with sediment from your building site, the way that construction operations on the site are occurring will need to change.

If you need help on the best way to deal with identified problems, please phone us on (04) 237 5089.

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