Stockpiling Material on Sites

This page describes what silt and sediment control measures should be used when stockpiling material on construction sites.

Locate stockpiled material to prevent run-off

There must be no unprotected stockpiles located to the front of sites adjacent to footpaths and roads.   This is because without silt fences, or some other means of erosion protection, these stockpiles will likely erode and deposit their material onto the footpaths and roads, and result in sediment getting into the stormwater drains.

All effort should be made to located stockpiles in the middle of sites, with a grass/vegetation buffer left around the perimeter of stockpiles.

If the stockpiles do not have vegetation/grass border around them, sediment will likely erode off these and therefore further protection will be required. One such measure could be a small silt fences around the lowest portion of the stockpile.

Stockpiles must not be stored on adjoining sites if you do not have express permission of the owner to do so. Therefore thought needs to be given as to where the cut material is going to go, before cutting.

The following photos show examples of acceptable and unacceptable stockpiling methods.

Photo showing unacceptable stockpiling of material on a footpath.
The photo above shows stockpiling on footpaths.  This is not acceptable.

Photo showing stockpiling using a silt fence, which is acceptable.
The photo above shows a stockpile protected by a silt fence.  This is acceptable.

Photo showing a stockpile on a grassed area.
The photo above shows a grass perimeter around a stockpile.  This is acceptable, as it acts as a mitigation buffer to stop sediment getting into the stormwater drains.