Rubbish - Household Collections

This page provides information on Porirua City Council’s weekly rubbish collection for residents in both urban and rural areas.

Rubbish collection time and days

The household collection is weekly on the same day as the household recycling collection.

View a Map of the Collection Routes (1 page pdf)

Recycling is not collected on Christmas Day.

Urban areas

Titahi Bay, Takapuwahia, Elsdon, Kenepuru, Part Ranui, (Southside of Mungavin Ave) and all Mungavin Ave.

Part Ranui (North of Mungavin Ave, excluding Mungavin Ave), Cannons Creek and Waitangirua.
All of Warspite Ave and Caduceus Place, Part Ascot Park (Southside of Warspite Ave).

Part Ascot Park (North of Warspite Ave, excluding Warspite Ave and Caduceus Place), Aotea, Papakowhai and Paremata.

Whitby and Omapere Street

Mana, Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay and Camborne.

Rural Areas

Belmont Road, Bradey Road, Flightys Road, Grays Road, Jones Deviation, Moonshine Road, Motukaraka Point, Mt Cecil Road, Mulhern Road, Murphys Road, Paekakariki Hill Road, State Highway 58.

Rubbish bags must be outside your gate by 8 am on the collection day.

Collections take place on all public holidays (including ANZAC Day) as scheduled, except for Christmas Day. Any other changes will be advertised.

Using Council rubbish bags

Rubbish is only collected if it is in pre-paid black plastic Council rubbish bags. The collection is paid for through the sale of the rubbish bags, so bags that do not have Porirua City Council written on them will not be collected.

Where to buy Council rubbish bags

The 60 litre official Council rubbish bags can be purchased from Council at $2.50 per bag or $25 for a pack of 10, Cannon's Creek Library, Porirua Central Library or most retail outlets such as supermarkets and dairies.

Rubbish bag weight limits

The 60 litre bags must not weigh more than 15 kg when full.

Bags containing the following prohibited items will not be collected:

  • explosives, hot ashes, highly flammable, or infectious materials, or any other material that is not from a household
  • liquid, acid, printer’s ink, paint or any other sticky fluid
  • broken bottles or glass; broken crockery, or other sharp articles unless they are wrapped to prevent injury.

Wheelie Bins

Porirua City Council does not operate a wheelie bin service to households or commercial premises.

Front/back Door Collection Service

For household rubbish, a back or front door collection service is available for people with limited mobility as a result of disability or impairment. This allows for the collection of one official Porirua City Council rubbish bag.

To apply, please fill in the form Backdoor Frontdoor Collection Application Form and send into Porirua City Council, together with a written statement from a health professional or organisation (eg, district Nurse, doctor, Blind Foundation) confirming the disability/impairment of household member(s).

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