Rubbish - Spicer Landfill

This page contains information about the Porirua City Council Spicer Landfill for the disposal of rubbish.

Domestic and commercial rubbish

Envirowaste, on behalf of the Porirua City Council, operates the Spicer Landfill at the end of Broken Hill Road for disposal of domestic and commercial refuse.

For domestic vehicles and trailers, there is a fully sealed unloading area.

For commercial vehicles, there is a certified weighbridge at the entrance to Spicer Landfill.

Spicer Landfill opening hours

Spicer Landfill is open seven days a week:

  • Monday to Saturday from 7.00am to 5.00pm
  • Sundays and Public Holidays 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • The only day Spicer Landfill is closed is Christmas Day.

Spicer Landfill Charges

For a list of landfill charges, refer to the Spicer Landfill Charges page for full details.

Garden Waste

Waste from gardens (green waste) can be dropped off at the Spicer Landfill. The charge for this is less than the charge for general waste.

The green waste is turned into packaged and bulk premium quality composts, mulches and mixes, and sold back to the public and businesses.

Green waste includes lawn clippings, weeds, tree pruning and logs up to 400mm in diameter.

Household recycling

The following items that cannot be picked up in the household recycling collection can be dropped off at Spicer Landfill for recycling:

  • Car batteries
  • Gas bottles
  • Used vehicle oil (up to 40 litres only)

Unacceptable waste

Porirua City Council uses Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) to ensure Spicer Landfill's compliance with its resource consent requirements. The Waste Acceptance Guide outlines this criteria.

Public recycling facilities

Recycling facilities for domestic quantities of glass, all plastics except polystyrene and glad wrap, cans, paper and cardboard are located inside the gates to Spicer Landfill.

If the glass bins are full, please leave bottles in front of the bin and not with other recyclables.

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