Sandwich Board Signs

This page provides information on the displaying of  sandwich board advertising signs on public footpaths or in public areas in Porirua City.

What is a sandwich board sign?

The only signs approved for this purpose are those signs commonly known as "sandwich board" signs.

They are portable, freestanding signs used to advertise or promote a business, product, service or community activity. They include placards, posters, boards, flags, banners, frames or other devices.

A Council permit is required to place and display any advertising sign on public footpaths, walk ways or other public places.


Sandwich board signs can only be displayed on a paved public pedestrian footpath or walkway immediately up against the front of your shop or business premises.

They can not be displayed in such a position or manner that they:

  • Create a hazard or danger to any person.
  • Obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Reduce the useable footpath surface to less than two metres in width.

The signs may be displayed only during normal daily business hours and must be removed at the close of trading each day.

You must comply with Police or Council Officer directions to move or remove a sign notwithstanding a permit may be in force.

Council officers will remove and impound non-complying signs or signs that are displayed in breach of permit conditions.

Minimum standards

Remember your sandwich board sign is advertising your business, so it is important it is of a professional design, appearance and construction standard.

A sandwich board sign cannot exceed 90 cm in height above ground level, 60 cm in width at the widest point of have a base area exceeding 0.45 square metres in size.

The base must be weighted to resist wind and the sign must be firmly secured to its base and have no sharp corners, edges or fittings that could cause injury to any person or damage property.

Wind rotated signs must have no gaps for children to insert fingers into.

Permits and Fees

Complete the Application for Sandwich Board Sign Permit, and send to us with the application fee. Your Sandwich Board permit is renewable on 1 July in each year.

If you already have a current permit, we will invoice you annually for the renewal.

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