Whanau Kotahi or Family Start

Who are we?

Whanau Kotahi or Family Start

What do we do?

Family Start is a programme to improve life outcomes for children whose social and family circumstances are put at risk e.g. good health, education and welfare. It is free and participation is voluntary. It provides support to parents with children up to five years of age.

How can we help you?

Each family is matched with a family worker appropriate to individual needs. The worker will get to know the family and complete a needs assessment. The focus is on child development as well as assisting the family to strengthen and improve their situation to a point where they no longer need Family Start’s assistance.

Where can you find us?

Contact either:

Wesley Community Action Family Start - Porirua

Contact: Maria Burgess at 04 237 7612 or TXT to 0204 025 1261

or email: mburgess@wesleyca.org.nz

or www.wesleyca.org.nz

Wesley Community Action works to bring out the best in people and supports just and caring communities throughout the Wellington region. We work with people of all ages and stages of life.

or Taeaomanino Trust

PO Box 50-452
Porirua City
Telephone: (04) 237 6062

email: office@taeaomanino.org.nz