Pacific Health Service

Who are we?

Pacific Health Service

What do we do?

The agency's role is to provide a holistic service to Pacific people in Porirua City.

How can we help you?

There are four nurses and six trained community health workers. The nurses can do a diagnosis and then create a maintenance and management plan.

Our other services include:

  • Immunisation clinic for children
  • A well child service
  • Health promotion sessions
  • A healthy lifestyle Pacifika programme
  • Cervical screening clinics
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring
  • Cardiovascular/heart programme

Other work includes

  • Youth sessions
  • Help with immigration questions
  • Help with finding housing
  • Help with dealing with WINZ staff when applying for a benefit
  • Tai chi/ exercise sessions
  • Ethnic sessions for all Pacific peoples
  • A translating/interpreting and advocacy service

Where can you find us?

Pacific Health Service
16 Bedford Court
Cannons Creek
Porirua City
PO Box 53 026
Telephone: (04) 237 9824