The Asian Network Inc (TANI)

Who are we?

The Asian Network Inc. (TANI) is a pan-Asian community organisation working for the betterment of the Asian community's life and well being since 2002. TANI believes in empowering the community to respond to their emerging health and wellbeing needs and acts as a bridge between the mainstream service providers and Asian communities.

What do we do?

TANI's mission is to develop strong and healthy Asian communities in Aotearoa New Zealand through networking, social connectivity, raising awareness and providing education about diverse wellbeing issues.
Since 2002, The Asian Network Inc. (TANI) has been working towards development of Asian communities living in New Zealand. Various health surveys and health reports have highlighted the health concerns in Asian communities. A National Health Survey (2002/03) examined the health status within Asian communities, and discovered that communication was key to Asians utilising health services e.g. help line. The survey consisting of 1200 Asian participants concluded that there was a lack of information on the health status of Asian people living in New Zealand.

How can we help you?

As migrants or new settlers, the issues of how to settle well and access to social service providers are significant. Failure of this process often causes us to experience unnecessary or avoidable emotional/mental health suffering. We can point you to service providers who can help you to get some practical support for your settlement.

TANI supports Asian New Zealanders to enjoy optimal quality of life and well-being and to develop strong and healthy Asian communities in Aotearoa New Zealand by:

  • Networking and connecting up diverse Asian communities
  • Advocating for and promoting the welfare of these communities
  • Ensuring their active participation in policy making
  • Liaising with local and central government, and other stakeholders
  • Identifying further opportunities for collaboration
  • Responding to the changing needs of Asian communities and stakeholders
  • Being a credible national voice

Where can you find us?

Phone: [09] 815 2338
Fax: [09] 815 2330


The Asian Network Inc. (TANI)
Mt Roskill, Auckland-1041