New Zealand red cross Refugee Services

Who are we?

New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Services is the major agency involved with the resettlement of refugees in New Zealand.

What do we do?

NZ Red Cross Refugee Services provides resettlement support for refugees who settle in this area (from Tawa to Waikanae), including coordinating volunteer support workers. When refugees arrive in their areas of resettlement, they are supported by our qualified social workers, refugee-background case workers, cross cultural workers and trained volunteers who help the refugees understand Kiwi culture, learn to manage systems and ultimately find suitable work. Social workers work with the families to identify complex issues such as parenting in a new environment or addressing trauma, and provide appropriate support and referrals.

Where can you find us?

Porirua Refugee Services
Red Cross Refugee Services
Level 1, 9 Lydney Place South,
Porirua 5240
Telephone: 04 237 7946
NZ Website:

Wellington Service Centre
New Zealand Red Cross
Level 2, 39 Webb Street
Wellington 6141
Telephone: 04 805 0304