Things to do in Porirua

This page outlines some of the great things to do in Porirua City.  Visit LiveBeyond, a website which helps you decide where to live in Porirua and provides links to properties currently on the market in Porirua City so you can enjoy our wonderful lifestyle and range of activities.

Whether you are an outdoor adrenalin junkie, or prefer more sedate pursuits like visiting museums and art galleries, there’s something for you in Porirua.

Indoor activities

Visitor enjoying exhibition at Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures.
Visitor enjoying exhibition at Pataka Art + Museum.

Indoors we have Pataka Art + Museum which is among New Zealand’s leading galleries of Maori, Pacific and New Zealand contemporary art and is a real 'must see'. Housed in the same complex is the popular Porirua Library.

Adjacent to these is the award winning Te Rauparaha Arena, one of Wellington region's foremost sports and events arenas, also housing the popular Arena Aquatic Centre. The Aquatic Centre caters for all levels of swimming enjoyment from the serious lane swimmer to family groups wanting to enjoy the lazy river or splash around and sit under the numerous water jets and play in the waves.

Outdoor activities

From structured sporting teams and club activities to doing your own thing in the outdoors there is plenty to choose from to suit everyone. Aotea Lagoon is popular with family groups as are the playgrounds situated throughout the city. There are several skateboard parks in the city popular with everyone from the novice scooter riding through to the daredevil BMXers and champion skateboarders.

Our many cycleways and walkways provide enjoyment for residents and visitors alike. The super fit get a real workout through our valleys and along our hilltops, with the pay off of stunning panoramic views as far as the South Island, while the less extreme sportsperson, can enjoy leisurely scenic strolls around the gorgeous Pauatahanui Inlet or along the dramatic western coastlines.

Our beaches are many and varied. Some provide perfect conditions for wind sailing and surfing while others are better suited for toddlers paddling in the shallows and yet others provide great rock hopping opportunities and places from which to dive for kai moana.

Recreation programmes

Many recreation programmes run in Porirua catering for all age groups. For toddlers we have kindy gym, musical tots, gymnastics and swimming lessons. For school age children there’s gymnastics, school leagues and holiday programmes. For older adults we have the lifetime leisure club, and there is the school holiday programme run by the YMCA for children.

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