Managing Porirua's heritage

"A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy."

-John Sawhill

Porirua City Council works with a number of agencies and groups to achieve the sustainable management of the City's natural, cultural and historic heritage. This work is in response to both a statutory requirement under the Resource Management Act and community expectations.

Porirua City Council's vision for the sustainable management of heritage is:

"The celebration and protection of Porirua City's natural, cultural and historic heritage in a way that involves communities and stakeholders working in partnership with Porirua City Council"

Heritage Management Strategy

Cover - Heritage Management Plan May 2010.

Sets out how Council will deliver its vision for the City's heritage.

Heritage Partnerships

Partnership with landowners, the community and other agencies is one of the guiding principles of Council's approach to the management of heritage.

Key sites programme

Since 2006 Council has undertaken to provide direct assistance to particular heritage sites.

Heritage Review Project

In 2006, Council commenced a review of the City's heritage and its management.