Heritage Review Project

"History does not unfold: it piles up."

- Robert M. Adams, Bad Mouth

Sam Price, formerly of Porirua City Council and Susan Druitt, Secretary of the Friends of Porirua Museum Trust, inside the F Ward museum.
Photo: Porirua City Council

In 2006 Council commenced a review of its approach to heritage management. The purpose of the Heritage Review Project is to develop a programme for the management (including the protection, conservation, restoration and enhancement) of the City’s heritage to satisfy community expectations and Council's statutory obligations.

The heritage review project is comprised of four phases as follows:

Phase 1 - Best Practice Review (Completed 2007);

Phase 2 - A Heritage Inventory Review and Update of the Council’s (and other agencies’) heritage inventories within Porirua City (Completed early 2008);

Phase 3 - Development of a Heritage Management Strategy to address the sustainable management of heritage

Phase 4 - Subsequent review of the District Plan and/or other heritage management tools in accordance with the Strategy (currently in progress).

Following are the details of each phase.

Heritage Review - Phase 1

Best Practice Report

Phase 1 of the Heritage Project was completed in late 2007. This phase produced a Best Practice report, which is available for download below. The Best Practice report canvassed how other local authorities in New Zealand have addressed heritage management. This included the identification of ‘best practices’ that would potentially be suitable for use within Porirua City.

The Phase 1 report includes information on: the value of heritage; risks to heritage values in Porirua; statutory requirements for heritage management; an evaluation of Natural, Maori Cultural and Historic heritage identification, and evaluation methods, and; a proposed best practice approach for Porirua City Council’s phase 2 project.

The assessment criteria in the Best Practice Report, along with its key findings and recommendations, were developed from workshops with various interest and community groups. The report also provides direction around the implementation tools that are able to be used for heritage management. The potential application of these tools is being considered and refined during phases 2 and 3 of the project.

The Best Practice report provided a robust foundation for identifying potential heritage sites, and a methodology for undertaking the assessment and evaluation of identified sites. The identification, assessment and evaluation of sites took place in 2007.

The best practice report and its appendices are available for download below.

Heritage Review - Phase 2

Public nominations of heritage features

The nomination phase for the Heritage Review continued through 2007. It was continued for longer than originally intended to allow everyone the opportunity to make their suggestions. In all, the Council received more than 80 nominations of places which people believe are of value to understanding the heritage of the city and its communities.

Research and information gathering

Heritage places that are currently on the District Plan Heritage Register were reassessed and evaluated along with many of the sites that were nominated. Not all of these places will be of sufficient importance to be actively managed or protected; however the information may be useful in the future as knowledge of heritage expands. Some of the information gathered during this exercise has been used to compile the History of Porirua's suburbs page and the Porirua's natural, cultural & historic heritage page.

More detailed information about identified heritage sites may be available from the Council by contacting heritage@pcc.govt.nz or 04 237 5089.

Heritage Review - Phase 3

Development of a Heritage Management Strategy

The outcomes of the research and evaluation process, along with the information from the best practice study, have helped to develop a Heritage Management Strategy.

The Heritage Management Strategy will guide Council's role in the sustainable management of Porirua's heritage.

The Heritage Management Strategy was notified in December 2009. More information about the Heritage Management Strategy can be found by following the links at the end of this page.  If you want to suggest any changes to the heritage database or nominate a new site for inclusion please use our forms from the link below.

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