Taylor Stace Cottage

"History balances the frustration of "how far we have to go" with the satisfaction of "how far we have come." It teaches us tolerance for the human shortcomings and imperfections which are not uniquely of our generation, but of all time."

- Lewis F. Powell, Jnr.

Taylor Stace cottage during restoration
Photo by Russell Murray, 2007.

Taylor Stace Cottage was constructed in 1847. The cottage is reputed to be the oldest building in the Wellington Region and is located in Pauatahanui Village. The cottage is privately owned, but has a very high heritage value. It is currently listed by Porirua City's District Plan and the Historic Places Trust. If you would like to know more about Taylor Stace Cottage click here or follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The area around Taylor Stace Cottage has changed remarkably over the life of the cottage. For a number of years the cottage has been subject to flooding.

Bringing the property back to life has been a partnership effort between the owners Stephanie and Andrew Manning, the Porirua City Council and Heritage New Zealand.

As a part of the 2006 Long Term Plan Council resolved to support the owners of the cottage with a project to restore the cottage and lift it above the flood levels. The project sought to lift the cottage and raise the ground level of the whole site, then return the cottage to its original position. This will mean that floods will not reach high enough to affect the cottage.

Council set aside funds of $50,000 to pay for the lifting of the cottage and raising the ground level. Heritage New Zealand has also financially assisted with the project by providing an incentive fund grant of $60,000 for conservation work.

Lifting the cottage also provided a unique opportunity for archaeologists to examine what is underneath the cottage. This archaeological examination provided interesting information about the history of the cottage, and answered questions about how the cottage was built and whether it was moved a long time ago.

In 2009 Council, in partnership with the property owner, obtained resource consent, building consent, and an archaeological authority for the lifting project.

The project is now complete and the Cottage is being used commercially.


View of Taylor Stace Cottage, September 2011.
Front view of the restored Taylor Stace Cottage, Pauatahanui, September 2011.
Photo by Dale Hartle.

Side View of Taylor Stace Cottage, September 2011.
Side view of the restored Taylor Stace Cottage, Pauatahanui, September 2011.
Photo by Dale Hartle


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