Porirua's Rail Heritage

The railway is of high importance in the history and development of Porirua City, and is of high historic interest. This section contains pages relating to the construction and history of the railway, its bridges, stations and tunnels.

Image showing workers on the main trunk line.
Workers on the main trunk line.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref A.2b.13

The original railway line through Porirua City was built by the Wellington & Manawatu Railway Company (W&MRC), and was then sold to New Zealand Railways and became a part of the North Island Main Trunk Line (NIMT) from Wellington to Auckland.

The development of the railway through Porirua City had a transformative impact on the development of the area, and is important to understanding the history of Porirua City. The railway helped to define how Porirua City exists today and is critically important to understanding the modern history of the City.

The following pages provide an overview of Porirua City's rail heritage.

The IPENZ Engineering Heritage website provides an overview of the history of the whole Wellington and Manawatu Railway.

KiwiRail provides a brief history of New Zealand railways and the Kiwirail company.

There is some additional information at Porirua's History post 1840.