Pukerua Bay Road Bridge

This page outlines the history and description of the bridge carrying State Highway 1 over the Main Trunk Railway at the southern entrance to Pukerua Bay.

Pukerua Bay road overbridge.
Pukerua Bay overbridge carries State Highway 1 over the railway.
Photo – Russell Murray, 2009

The precise date of the road bridge at the south end of Pukerua Bay village is not currently known, although it is likely to have been built as part of the Centennial Highway works in the mid to late 1930s. The separate pedestrian and cycle bridge that now runs alongside was completed in 2003.

The Pukerua Bay over-bridge is a reinforced concrete structure, with a central span crossing the tracks and landing on piers either side of the rail formation and an approach span on either side with a concrete abutment. The bridge is designed in a minimal style, with little elaboration beyond the basic structure, that is typical of much of the country’s road infrastructure.

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