Kenepuru Station

This page outlines the history and description of the station at Kenepuru, Porirua.


Kenepuru Station, from north end circa 1963.
Kenepuru Station, from north end ca. 1963
ATL ref 1/2-C-027161-F

This small station was opened in 1963 with two shelter buildings on either side of the track and a footbridge linking the platforms. [See Ref. xii] The original station shelters have been replaced in recent times with steel and glass structures. It is not known exactly when the current structures were built, but they were probably built in the 1990s.


Kenepuru station as it is today.
Kenepuru Station as it is today, from north end
Photo – Russell Murray, 2009

This station has two approaches, one from Bell Street above, and one from Kenepuru Drive. The latter is accessed via a poorly marked alley between industrial buildings, and over a small concrete pedestrian bridge spanning the Porirua Stream. This bridge opens up extensive views along the rail corridor.

The station consists of two platforms, with a small and non-descript 1990s-vintage glass and steel curved-roof shelter structure (bus-shelter type) on each. The southern platform tucks into the adjacent bank; the ground falls down from the northern platform to the Porirua Stream. There is a high and dominant pedestrian over-bridge, constructed in concrete, which links the western platform to the adjoining residential area.


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