Porirua City Flags

"History does not repeat itself. The historians repeat one another."

- Max Beerbohm.

Porirua City Official Flag.
Official City Flag with Coat of Arms.
Porirua City Flag.
Flag without coat of arms.

Porirua City Council flags were adopted by Council on 30 September 1998 with the Coat of Arms for formal occasions and without the Coat of Arms for less formal occasions such as usage by Porirua City based organisations.

The flags also incorporate the land and sea theme similar to that depicted in the city logo.

Background History of Flags

A City Flag was first considered by Council's Community Affairs Committee in February 1978 who recommended:

That Council conduct a competition among all schools and colleges in the area for the designing of an appropriate City flag with a prize of $100 of book tokens to be presented to the winning school, on the understanding that the winning design will not necessarily be adopted by the Council.

The recommendation was adopted by Council and a competition held with all the entries being considered by the Committee at its meeting on 1 August 1978 who recommended:

(a) That the design submitted by John Mansfield of Papakowhai School be adopted for use for the City Flag on a green and gold background and $100 of book tokens be awarded to the Papakowhai School.

(b) That $20 of book tokens be awarded to Porirua East School for the originality of the design submitted by Jane Drysdale.

The recommendation was adopted by Council on 23 August 1978 and on 20 December 1978 Council adopted a later Committee recommendation:

That the proposed design be adopted for the City Flag.

Following this resolution there were 10 flags produced by Hutcheson Wilson and these were offered for sale to organisations and schools within Porirua.

The Flag and its Original Use

The former City of Porirua house flag adopted by the Council of the day in 1978 consisted of the Council Coat of Arms, superimposed over a yellow cross on a green background. The words "Mo te Katoa Nga Mahi" (translated literally 'for the many we work') are inscribed on the Coat of Arms portion of the flag.

An additional temporary flag was created for the New Zealand Tourism dinner at Page 90 in 1995. This was a mainly white coloured flag with the Council Logo, the words "Porirua City" and a blue band. The flag looked quite striking at night but the words "Porirua City" needed to be more prominent.

The flag was available for use by individuals, community and sporting organisations or businesses within the City on a temporary basis. Approval for the flag's use was delegated to the Town Clerk.

There are no rules for the flying of house flags, but the New Zealand Flag and other national flags take precedence over the house flags. The flags did not have to be registered. However, the flags which contain the Porirua City Coat of Arms (which has been registered with the Windsor Herald, London), have to adhere to any policy decisions or bylaws relating to the Coat of Arms, as they apply equally to the Porirua City Council house flag.

Future Use

With the local government reorganisation on 1 November 1989, the new Porirua City Council came into being and approval to adopt the City of Porirua flag was not sought.

In view of the fact that the flag was of the former City of Porirua, and that a new logo and a range of alternative colours were considered and adopted by Council, it was deemed appropriate to consider an appropriate flag which was to be designed to reflect the City's future image. It was this determination that prompted the proposed designs which were put forward for Council's consideration in 1996 after the Chief Executive asked Darcy Nicholas, the Group Manager Cultural Development at the time, to activate the redesigning of the City Flag. Darcy sat with a graphic designer from DLM, the public relations company we were using, and came up with several options which were forwarded to the committee for approval. The redeveloped flag featured green, blue, and white as the major part of its colour scheme, based on the sea and land imagery incorporating Whitireia and the harbour. The adopted City Flag was produced with and without the Coat of Arms and is still in use today with any policy decisions or bylaws relating to the Coat of Arms, applied equally to the Porirua City Council house flag which incorporates this item.

When local authorities wish to fly their local flag at half-mast, as a sign of mourning following the death of a prominent local citizen, it is appropriate to do so on either the day or part of the day of the funeral. In this case the New Zealand Flag should remain at full mast.

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