Porirua Cemetery

"To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead."

- Samuel Butler.

Aerial view of Porirua Cemetery.
Aerial view of Porirua Cemetery looking east.

Original cemetery administered by a trust board

The original records were administered by a trust board, and in 1926, the Makara County Council took control of them. The Porirua City Council took over control of the cemetery register in the early 1980s.

There are nearly 4000 graves in the Porirua Cemetery, many of them unmarked. The cemetery is the resting place for more than 2000 former patients of the old Porirua psychiatric hospital. More than 2000 graves date from before 1946. The first burial was that of Charles Crabbe on 13 September 1895.

In earlier days the cemetery was subdivided into blocks depending on religion or if the person was a patient at the hospital. Most in the hospital block were buried there before 1906.

Correcting historic records

An audit in January 2013 of the burial records (comparing the Burial Register book with the hard copy Sexton's records) identified a large number of inaccuracies with names, dates, and locations, and missing entries. These have been corrected where possible, but there were some records where the handwriting was simply impossible to read, or the information was blank. In some cases there were inconsistencies with ages, spelling of names, dates of death and burial, between our records and headstone inscriptions. The Council has also identified a number of years of records which are missing from our Archives.

In many cases the actual burial location is not listed - this is mainly for patients of the Porirua Mental Asylum in the early years.

People researching their family history should always consult official records to verify all sources of information.

Photos of Porirua Cemetery

The following three aerial photos were taken from the north showing the Porirua Cemetery layout.

Aerial view of Porirua Cemetery.

View larger size photograph (jpg format).

Aerial view of Porirua Cemetery.

View larger size photograph (jpg format).

Aerial view of Porirua Cemetery.

View larger size photograph (jpg format).

These photos show various aspects of the Porirua Cemetery.

Image of Porirua Cemetery toolshed.
Image of Porirua Cemetery Toolshed build in the early 1900s.

Porirua Cemetery - Public Lawn area.
Image showing public lawn area looking north towards public entrance. A large number of patients from the Porirua Mental Asylum in the late 1890s and early 1900s were buried here in unmarked graves.

View of Porirua Cemetery graves.

Porirua Cemetery graves.

View of Stillborn Memorial.

View of Stillborn Memorial.

Memorial to Stillborn and unknown persons.


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Porirua Cemetery layout map

You can view and print Porirua Cemetery layout maps from our Cemetery Maps page.

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