Paremata, Papakowhai and Mana Signpost Stories

"A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the sound of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance."

- Jawaharial Nehru.

Signpost Stories was an exhibition at Pataka Museum from October 2004 to January 2005 which explored the history behind, and the meanings of the names of the streets, avenues, lanes and groves of Porirua City. Follow this link to find out more information about Pataka's Signpost Stories Exhibition.

Signpost stories of Paremata and Papakowhai


Signpost stories of Paremata

Acheron Road - named after HMS Acheron, an early survey ship that charted New Zealand waters. In Greek mythology Acheron was a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon the ferryman.

Bay View Road - self-explanatory

Dolly Varden Crescent - Named by early landowner and farmer James Walker after his 14 metre cedar rowing skiff that won championships at Wellington and Nelson.

Photo of the Dolly Varden Skiff.
Dolly Varden Skiff.
Photo: source unknown.

Kahu Road - Kahu, hawk

Karoro Place - Karoro black-backed seagull

Kenef Road - After Kenneth and Ethel Bradey, who owned farmland in the area. Ken and Effie became Kenef

Kiriwai Road - Kiriwai, inner skin

Makora Grove - Makora, red-billed gull

Mana Esplanade - Originally part of the Plimmerton-Paremata Road and Paremata Esplanade. Named after Mana Island.

Image of Mana Island with South Island in the background.
Mana Island with South Island in the background.

Mana View Road - Formerly known as Dolly Varden Road, changed to Mana View Road in 1954.

Marina View – chosen from 29 suggested names relating to the nearby marina.

View of Mana Marina from hill above Paremata.
View of Mana Marina from hill above Paremata.

Oak Avenue - when the area was surveyed, the road was diverted around 100 year-old Oak trees.

Paremata Road - Originally called Main Road it was changed to Paremata Road in January 1961.

Paremata Crescent - self-explanatory

Paremata Drive – self explanatory

Pascoe Avenue - Arthur J Pascoe was a Hutt County Councillor in the 1960s. He had a health supplies business named A J Pascoe Naturopath originally based in Lower Hutt and then from 1958 in Paremata where he built a house (now Stillwaters) at 34 Mana Esplanade. He had 42 shops throughout New Zealand. Pascoe had a vision for the Ngatitoa Domain and was responsible for the development of playing fields, playgrounds and amenities when it was just sandhills. He had also proposed an Olympic-sized swimming pool be built on the domain.

Redoubt Lane - Commemorating the stone fort, Paremata Barracks, that was built in 1846 by Sir George Grey.

Sea View Road - self-explanatory

Station Road - leads from what was the old main road (now Paremata Crescent) down to the railway station.

Tirowhanga Road - Tirowhanga, harbour view

Trevor Terrace - Named after Mr Alfred Trevor who lived in an old bach at top of the Terrace. He subdivided part of the 7 acres of land owned by Alexander McKenzie on the Golden Gate. He died sometime in the 1950s having helped establish the Paremata Netball Club. Alfred Trevor was known locally as Uncle Trevor, the name Uncle Trev being adapted by local author Jack Lasenby as the much-loved character in his books.

Photo of Alfred Trevor.
Alfred Trevor.
Photo supplied by Trevor Murphy.

Walker Avenue – James Walker owned and farmed land on what is now the Ngatitoa Domain.

Whitianga View - Maori name for the bluff overlooking the south end of Paremata Bridge.

Signpost stories of Papakowhai

Street names in Papakowhai which are named after Scottish Rivers.

  • Annan Grove
  • Ayr Place
  • Beauly Grove
  • Brora Crescent
  • Cassley Crescent
  • Cromarty Place
  • Doon Grove
  • Eskdale Road
  • Ettrick Grove
  • Findhorn Place
  • Forth Place
  • Halladale Road
  • Kinnel Grove
  • Kinloch Place
  • Langwell Place
  • Lauderdale Road
  • Livet Place
  • Moray Place (after Moray Firth: an inlet in Scotland)
  • Naver Place
  • Ness Grove
  • Romesdale Road
  • Solway Place
  • Spey Place
  • Thurso Grove
  • Tweed Road
  • Yarrow Place

Papakowhai Road - Chosen by the Papakowhai Residents Association as the road was planned to run the full length of the official suburb of Papakowhai.

Okowai and Strathaven

Okowai Road - A former name of Gear Homestead.

Historic photo of Gear Homestead.
Gear Homestead.
Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref A.1a.12

Frances Brown Avenue - Named after the first Mayoress of Porirua

Whitford Brown Avenue - Named after the first Mayor of Porirua

Photo of Frances Brown.
Frances Brown.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.2.33.
Photo of Whitford Brown.
Whitford Brown.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.2.33.

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