Titahi Bay Signpost Stories

"It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Signpost Stories was an exhibition at Pataka Museum from October 2004 to January 2005 which explored the history behind, and the meanings of the names of the streets, avenues, lanes and groves of Porirua City. Follow this link to find out more information about Pataka's Signpost Stories Exhibition.

A-Z Titahi Bay

Arene Grove - Arene: Alan, after Alan Whitehouse, owner of Pikarere Farm until his death in 1944.

Arero Place - Arero: tongue.

Bay Drive - Leads directly onto the beach.

Beach Road - Self-explanatory.

Bothamley Lane

Photo of R W Bothamley.
R.W. Bothamley (left); Doris Gear and RW Bothamley on their wedding day (right).
Photos from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref (left) P.2.57 (right) P.2.29.

Mr R.W. Bothamley, a Councillor on the Makara and Porirua Borough Councils, was also chairman of the Makara County Council He was married to Doris Gear (Gear Homestead) and he owned a house in the said lane.

Brian Place - Brian Graves, a resident of Titahi Bay, killed in WWII.

Chaffey Crescent

Leslie U. Chaffey.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.1.113.

Mr Leslie U. Chaffey, a founder member and secretary of the local Progressive Association.

Clipper Street - A Clipper is a type of sailing ship.

Crown Hill - A high point of land owned by the crown.

De Castro Place - Daniel De Castro, an early grazier in 1866 who bought William Cooper’s land at Kahutea.

Dimock Street - Victor Dimock, resident, founder member and former president of the local Ratepayers Assoc.

Downes Street - An early resident.

Finn Place - A class of yacht.

Gilby Grove - Engineer in charge of the N.Z. Broadcasting Transmitter at Titahi Bay during the 1930s-40s.

Herewini Street - Originally known as Moana Street, the name was changed in 1961 and named after the Herewini Block.

Hiwi Crescent - Hiwi: hill.

Humphreys Grove - A well-known resident in the early years of development.

Ian Graves Close - Ian Graves lived near Onepoto. He had an extensive knowledge of native plants and was active in promoting regeneration.

Jillett Street

Jillet's coach service, c1900.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.2.74.

William Jillett early farmer and landowner at Titahi Bay, 1864-1903. Operated a horse-drawn 'bus' service from Titahi Bay to Porirua.

John Street - John Whitehouse, owner of Pikarere Farm 1870s-1890s.

Kahutea Terrace - The original Maori settlement located in the area.

Kapiti Crescent - Kapiti Island.

Keith Hart Grove - Keith Hart was a founding member of the fire brigade and active member of the boating club. Contributed to the establishment of the new school in Titahi Bay and was one of the first District Licensing Trustees.

Kura Street - Kura: a place of learning.

Lambley Road - Mrs Whitehouse’s maiden name.

Mako View - Mako: shark.

Main Road - Self-explanatory.

Mana Avenue - Mana Island was named Te Mana-o-Kupe by Kupe’s daughter Mohuia to commemorate Kupe’s navigation skills.

Manaaki Way - Manaaki: a resting place.

Mapplebeck Street - Mapplebeck is a family with a long association with the area.

Matatiro Street - Mata: headland; tiro: view.

Mawhare Street - Ma: white; whare: house, i.e. Whitehouse. The Whitehouses were early landowners in the area.

Moki Street - A type of fish.

Morere Street - Name of William Jillett’s mother who came from Kapiti.

Morning View - As implied.

Moult Street

Dick Moult's Titahi Bay Passenger Service and Titahi Bay Royal Mail.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref T.3.17.

Dick Moult, early resident and bus driver.

Murphy Place - Mr L. Murphy, a past president of the local ratepayers association.

Niblick Lane - Name of a golf club. This road used to be linked to the golf course.

Onepoto Road - Short beach, also name of Maori land block.

Opapa Street - Opapa: flat land.

Owhiti Street - One of Te Rauparaha’s canoes.

Paenui Street - One of Te Rauparaha’s canoes.

Park Avenue

Councillor AD Park.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.2.57.

Mr. Alexander D. Park, councillor and chairman of the Makara County Council c1941.

Patiki Place - Patiki: flounder

Pennant Grove - Type of flag.

Pikarere Street - Name of a nearby hill.

Piko Street - Piko: bent.

Potts Lane - Tom Potts who was green keeper at the first Titahi Bay Golf Club.

Rakihau Place - Raki: north; hau: wind.

Richard Street - After an old settler who lived in a hut near Onepoto, also suggested to be named after Prime Minister Richard John Seddon, a relative of the Whitehouse family.

Ron Parlane Place - Respected Housing Corporation officer.

Rothwell Street - Kath Rothwell, a well known resident of Tireti Road.

Roiri Way - Bill Roiri, a carpenter working on State house construction.

Shelley Street - Professor James Shelly, a former director of the N.Z. Broadcasting Service.

Spring Glade - As implied.

Spur Grove - On a projecting ridge - spur.

Taupiri Crescent - Tau: ridge of a hill; piri: keep close to.

Te Pene Avenue - Maori for Stevenson, a landowner and farmer on Pikarere Farm.

Te Puke Street - Te: the; puke: hill.

Terrace Road - A terrace was envisaged.

The Spinney - Boating term

Thornley Street

Mrs Thornley who owned the Titahi Bay Club Hotel in 1903.
Photo from Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.1.76.

Originally called Te Hiko Street. It was renamed after Mrs Thornley who was owner of the Club Hotel in Titahi Bay.

Tikati View - Tikati: hake or kingfish (southern)

Tireti Road - Maori for name Jillett.

Titahi Bay Road - Ti: cabbage tree; tahi: one

Toms Road - Joseph Toms (aka Georgie Bolt), an early whaler of the area. See Ngati Toa Domain for more information.

Transmitter Street - Location near the radio masts

Tuki Street -Tuki: elbow.

Tulloch Street - Russ Tulloch, Radio Transmission Station supervisor 1937-45.

Tuna Terrace - Tuna: eel.

Vella Street

Photo of the Vella Family.
Mariano Vella (Jnr) and Family.
Photo: Pataka Museum Collection, at Porirua Library ref P.2.89

The Vella family farmed on Mana Island 1880s – 1950s.

View Road - Self-explanatory.

Waiuta Street - Waiuta: inland water.

Whanake Street - Chief of the Ngati-Ira at the beginning of the 19th century. He and his wife Tamairangi lived at Komanga Rautawhiri Pa.

Whanga Crescent - Whanga: harbour.

Whenua View - Whenua: land.

Whitehouse Road - Family of early landowners and farmers of Pikarere Farm.

Whitireia Road - Limit of the sun’s path in the heavens

Woodcarver Lane - Neil Penman (woodcarver and photographer) had his workshop there.

Wright Street - Adam Wright, a long time resident and for many years traffic controller on Titahi Bay Beach.

Topographical features

These streets are all named after topographical features of the area:

  • Gloaming Hill
  • Hollow Crescent
  • Inlet View
  • Spring Glade
  • Spur Grove
  • The Spinney
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