Business in Porirua City

This section tells you everything you need to know about doing business in Porirua. Read about some great business success stories, find out about the benefits of doing business in Porirua, learn more about business support services and how to set up a business, and find out about investment and future growth opportunities for the city centre.

Business in Porirua

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  • A growing and dynamic economy
  • Productive and diverse business sectors
  • Investment opportunities and future opportunities
  • Modern city infrastructure and broadband

Why Choose Porirua?

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  • Strong business location and customer base
  • Film-friendly locations
  • Stable and diverse workforce
  • Competitive industrial and commercial land
  • Great place to live
  • Home-based business opportunities
  • How to be a City Partner

Support for Business

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  • Porirua City Council Economic Development
  • Porirua Chamber of Commerce
  • Pacific Business Trust
  • Porirua Economic Research
  • Economic Development Activities

Successful Businesses

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  • Profiles of some of Porirua's
    most successful businesses

Setting Up a Business

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  • Starting a Business
  • Buying a Business
  • Already in Business
  • Business Toolbox

City Centre Revitalisation

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  • Cobham Court Redevelopment