Investment opportunities and future development

This page outlines plans for investment opportunities and future development opportunities in Porirua City.

Porirua’s and Kapiti’s combined population is projected to grow the fastest in the Wellington region.

As Porirua continues to grow the Council is looking at opportunities to further develop the city and is currently supporting plans for Transmission Gully Motorway and is actively working to revitalise the city centre.

Porirua Development Framework

Porirua City Council takes pride in the liveability of Porirua City and wants to ensure this is protected as the city grows. To make sure this is achieved, the Council has adopted the Porirua Development Framework. This innovative spatial plan provides a 30-year view of future growth and development in the city. It is intended to guide change founded on the principles of sustainable development.

The companion Detailed Action Plan (pdf) sets out the actions required to implement the Framework. It includes structure planning for identified urban growth areas and the revitalisation plan for the city centre.

Transmission Gully Motorway

Transmission Gully is a 27-kilometre, four-lane highway to be built from Linden to McKay's Crossing (north of Paekakariki), passing through the rural areas to the east of Porirua and Whitby.

It will provide a new route for State Highway 1 and will have connections to Porirua City's local roading system at Kenepuru Drive (near Bowland), Warspite Avenue (near Waitangirua Mall), the southern end of James Cook Drive and State Highway 58 just east of Pauatahanui.

The motorway is expected to be open by 2020 and is seen as crucial, not just locally but also as a regional roading network that will provide greater resilience and ease congestion for everyone in the Wellington region.

Revitalisation of the city centre

Revitalising the city centre is the number one priority for the Council and is an ideal opportunity for businesses and investors to help shape the future of the city centre.

Over $18 million in funding has been budgeted by the Council over 10 years for changes to infrastructure and public spaces.

Read more information on our City Centre Revitalisation page.

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