City Centre Building Façade Programme

What is it?

Did you know that studies show 70% of businesses that make building façade improvements report sales increases as a result of those changes?

The Porirua City Centre Building Façade Programme is a programme run by the Porirua Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Porirua City Council. It is part of a wider programme to bring new vitality and energy into the city centre by enhancing and revitalizing the commercial environment. There are five $1000 grants available up until 30 June 2017 which can be used for new signage, plastering, and painting.

How does it work?

To apply businesses need to ensure they meet the criteria outlined in the ‘more information’ section below. They then will need to complete the application form online. Once the application is received it will be reviewed by the Building Façade Design Review Panel and a meeting will be scheduled with the applicant to review the proposed design. If approval is granted the works must be completed within six months.

What improvements are eligible?

Improvements are limited to signage, plastering and painting of storefronts. More significant works such as improvements to windows, doors, lighting etc. are not included as they can trigger issues with building compliance.

Who completes the work?

The façade programme does not provide cash but rather puts the funding toward an approved contractor to complete the proposed work. Business owners must submit who will be completing the work and ensure that they are using a qualified contractor to do so. This is to ensure the highest quality outcome for the city and business owner.

Who can participate?

The programme is open to all city centre small businesses (25 or fewer employees) with a commercial use located on the ground floor of Cobham Court, Hartham Place North, Hartham Place South, Serlby Place, Lydney Place South, Kikerran Place and Hagley Street.   See map below.

Map showing Porirua CBD.

More Information

For enquiries, please contact Linda Niccol, City Centre Coordinator at Porirua City Council, (04) 237 5089.