City Centre Building Façade Programme Criteria

The Porirua City Building Façade Programme is intended to improve the physical appearance of commercial businesses within Porirua City centre on the ground floor. This programme is a partnership between the Porirua Chamber of Commerce and the Porirua City Council. There are five $1000 grants available to be used until 30 June 2017.

In order for businesses to be eligible to participate they must:

  • Be located in the Porirua City centre on the ground floor and have a commercial use.
  • Complete an application form with at least one photograph of the façade area and any necessary detail areas (signage, painting, plastering, etc.) and one informal sketch or architectural rendering of the proposed improvements.
  • Submit written approval from the building owner if business owner does not own the building.
  • Submit who will be completing the work. Note that this must be a professional company.
  • Ensure that if the project is approved it must be completed within 6 months of the date of the project approval.
  • Proposed work improves storefront and adds to more vibrant city centre

In order for your application to be reviewed please ensure that:

  • Application form is signed and completed.
  • A picture is included of existing façade and an informal sketch or architectural rendering of the proposed improvements is provided.
  • If the property is not owned by the permitted commercial business, the application includes property owner’s written approval.

Once your application is received we will provide notification to advise that we are reviewing it and if any information is missing we will request it from you. Applications will be reviewed by our building façade review panel and you may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the proposed improvements. Please ensure that you make time to meet for this. Once the meeting is completed and all outstanding questions have been addressed, you will receive notification of approval and next steps.

For questions or clarification please contact Linda Niccol on phone (04) 237-5089.