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A showreel 40 years of films and filmmaking in Porirua

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For forty years, Porirua has played the starring role, been a supporting actor and even an extra in many movies, TV shows, documentaries and even new style online webisodes.

Porirua has been seen in all types of movies and genres from period dramas, gory horror, and gritty urban cop shows to sweeping adventures, contemporary comedies and even science fiction as an alien forest.

A recent Pataka exhibition celebrated Porirua as both the subject and the backdrop to big international blockbusters like Avatar and Lord of the Rings, and in smaller, local productions like the Living Waters series, and everything in between. This showreel takes a trip down memory lane to see how Porirua has looked on screen for the last forty years.

From the 1970s and the ground-breaking Tangata Whenua documentary series, to the 1980s Peter Jackson’s first offering Bad Taste. Then Porirua-based comedy The Semisis in the 1990s to the 2000s with Eagle vs Shark showing the region’s acting chops and webisodes of social media-driven Reservoir Hill brings, with a lot more in between - Porirua has been the scene for many of New Zealand's most memorable filming moments.

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