Developing an Economic Development Strategy

This page introduces Porirua City Council’s Economic Development Strategic Framework. The Framework provides a mechanism for enabling strategic conversations and implementing economic development in Porirua.

Council's economic development strategy promotes businesses like Whittaker's in Porirua.Our strategy

Porirua City Council and the city’s business leaders have a vision for Porirua’s economic development:

"The city is a strong, dynamic, regional centre, built on sound infrastructure and with a vigorous and sustainable economy."

Under this strategy there are four areas of focus for Porirua City Council – City Development, City Marketing, Community Investment, and Business Environment. These are aligned to the Wellington Regional Strategy.

The Strategy Framework explains the relationship between these two strategies, and identifies Council’s existing economic development workstreams. These workstreams are managed across a number of groups within Council, in association with external partners like Grow Wellington and the Porirua Chamber of Commerce.

Across these workstreams run a number of common themes. Three important themes are the growth in digital/ICT tools and technologies, the globalising nature of business, and the shift to services across industries and jobs. These are the themes that are being presented as the Porirua Digital Strategy, the Porirua Global Business Strategy, and the Porirua Services Strategy.

Digital Strategy Goal – The goal of the Porirua Digital Strategy is to establish Porirua as a city of well-connected communities where individuals, businesses and organisations are able to access, understand and make effective use of information and communications technology (ICT).

Porirua Digital Framework (November 2014): The Council has produced a Porirua Digital Framework for discussion. The framework comprises four key priorities – a Smart City, Connected Community, Innovation Eco-system and Skilled Workforce.

Global Strategy Goal – The goal of the Porirua Global Business Strategy is to establish and strengthen connections between individuals, businesses and organisations in Porirua and overseas in order to identify business opportunities, build capability and market understanding, and deliver economic value.

Services Strategy Goal - The goal of the Porirua Services Strategy is to understand and support the development of a growing services sector in Porirua. At the same time, the strategy will assist businesses in other sectors to develop and deliver profitable, value-added services to their customers.

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