Porirua Digital Framework

This page describes the Porirua Digital Framework developed by the Council.

Supporting a digitally-enabled city

The Digital Framework (pdf) aims to grow wealth and jobs in Porirua by building a smart, tech-savvy city of connected communities where individuals, businesses and organisations can access, understand and effectively use information and communications technology  (ICT).

Porirua Digital Framework diagram.

Purpose of the Framework

The purpose of the Digital Framework (pdf) is to provide a basis for effective decision-making. Porirua needs to:

  • enhance business competitiveness, employment opportunities and economic growth, to create wealth and jobs in the City;
  • ensure equitable access to technology, stronger communities and enhanced infrastructure, to ensure full and active participation in the City’s digital economy.

Strategic priorities

The Digital Framework’s four priorities are for a Smart City (pdf), Connected Community (pdf), Innovation Eco-system (pdf) and Skilled Workforce (pdf).

This is an integrated framework with significant business and community links between these priorities.

High-tech employers based in the city centre and environs (Smart City) will become part of an innovation engine that harnesses central and local government as well as private sector resources to create new products and services and attract new businesses to Porirua (Innovation Eco-system).

Local people will be trained and/or upskilled so they can access quality, high paid jobs in target industries. They’ll be both consumers and developers of high-tech services in our City.

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