Film-Friendly Porirua

We are here to make filming in Porirua easy.

Porirua has inspired and attracted filmmakers for many years. A young Peter Jackson launched his career filming Bad Taste almost entirely on location here. He used Porirua again, 12 years later, for Lord of the Rings.

Porirua offers unique landscapes and attractions that are easily accessible for filming purposes. From urban, industrial, historic and contemporary sites to rural, coastal, or forest landscapes, the region has it all within very easy reach of Wellington.

Former Film Wellington Manager Delia Shanly says “Porirua does have the advantage of having gritty urban landscapes that are relatively easy to contain and control for location shoots.”

Working alongside Film Wellington and film-friendly Porirua City Council, you can get everything you need for your production. To get free expert services and advice check out Film Wellington.

Film Locations in Porirua

Porirua can provide a base for fine weather marine film shoots.

View showing Porirua from the north.

Onshore looking out to sea perspectives such as inlets, estuaries, beaches, cliffs – you name it, we’ve got it.

We can offer spectacular vistas and a relatively controlled environment.

View along Pikarere Farm coastline.

Pikarere Farm provides far reaching rural aspects with panoramic seascapes and has been used as a substitute for coastal Turkey.

Whitiriea Park has decent roads and parking for heavy vehicles providing access to both beaches and rocky seascapes.

View showing Pauatahanui Inlet.

Pauatahanui Inlet can host small to medium sheltered water shoots.

View over Mana Marina in Paremata.

Polyphon Productions have used Mana Marina as a launch for a series of marine adventures for prime time broadcast on ZDF Germany.

The Last Tattoo and the Enid Blyton television series used Pukerua Bay Beach for scenes involving adventure sequences and a romantic walk along the beach amongst rocky outcrops with high crashing waves in the background.

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